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The term finance not only means the process of exchanging and management of money, but also ways to increase and allocate monetary resources over time. It is one of the most complex subject that is  why online finance service is the most sought after service . Data, statistics and research are crucial to complete any assignment related to finance. My first assignment help have finance experts and 10+ years experienced professors who are specialized in all areas of finance which will help you to submit a good quality finance assignment. We are the most preferred finance assignment help service provider.  

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We cover all the all the topics related to finance including : ratio analysis, public finance, cost of capital, stock valuation, leasing, business valuation and finance, swaps, risk and return, arbitrage, behavioral finance, exposures, leasing, international flow of funds,  personal finance, forwards, forex, futures, working capital management, entrepreneurial finance, risk management technique, options, structure etc.  

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The main functions of Finance includes

  • Investments are done under finance with a motive to gain profit after a period of time. 
  • Profits are linked to long term stability under finance and are necessary for maintaining a good market.  
  • Rules and regulations are maintained under finance and timely checks are carried out with apt changes made as per the need of the situation.  
  • Owned and borrowed fund are combined together to reach profitable situations under finance.  
  • Good finance is an indicator of good profit and position for a business. A good finance decides the future of the business. 
Our team comprises of hand picked and best experts with in-depth knowledge related to all fields of finance. 

The major finance fields include 

  • Personal Finance : Personal Finance refers to the financial activities of an individual, family or firm. It refers to the present financial situation with the help of which future investments and decisions can be made upon depending upon the financial capability.   
  • Corporate Finance : It refers to the planning and execution carried by a company, firm or an institution. It is very much different from business finance. It is used only by joint stock company.  
  • Financial services : This includes organizations such as insurance companies, banks, credit card companies etc.  They provide services that deals with organizations related to monetary business. 
  • Public Finance : This field is composed of the country, school, state municipality etc. It focusses on long term rather than short term goals. It is an indicator of economy of the country. A major part of this field of finance includes taxation.  
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