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  • 15Aug, 2018

    How to Write Assignment in Short Time

    How to Write Assignment in Short Time

    University coursework includes assignments that students have to complete and submit in time for them to pass the semester. Assignments are glorified terms used for coursework or homework that students are allotted at a university which they need to complete to pass a semester. Many times students take on a lot of subjects in a semester and there is always a shortage of time in which they need to complete their assignments. University coursework is often designed in such a way that they push the students to work harder and also manage their time better. Time management is always an issue during difficult semesters and students need to plan well to keep up with the workload. Procrastination and delaying the work is very common among university kids which results in poor time management and often no time at all to do assignments. The following are some of the ways in which assignments can be written in a short time by students:

    Workspace & Distractions

    • Clearing the clutter on the desk is a great way to start an assignment. Start a project with the stationary, books, laptop and all other items needed to do the assignment.
    • A great tip is to use marker pens and bookmarks so that the information can be easily looked up again and again without losing it in a book. Similarly saving internet content needed for the assignment so that it is easy to access saves time.
    • A major problem is distractions. While doing assignments students can be disturbed by TV, phones, the internet, and friends. Also putting a “do not disturb” sign outside the dorm room helps so that there are no distractions while doing the assignments.


    The problem with starting an assignment late is that there is always panic and a race against the deadline. A good idea is to just forget the amount of time left for the assignment to be complete and just start the assignment. Keeping a positive attitude and not panicking is the only way to do an assignment in a short time. Remaining calm and systematically working through an assignment help maintain focus and this helps in completing the assignment in time.

    Tips to Save Time

    There are small tips that help save a lot of time and effort and help finish projects and assignments fast. The following are examples of such tips that help finish assignments in a short time:

    • Writing always takes more time than typing. Typing out the assignment on a computer or laptop helps to speed up the process and all mistakes while typing can be easily erased without spending too much time.
    • Usually, when there is plenty of time, students create a rough draft of their assignments. By simply starting the main draft on the computer, a lot of time is saved.
    • With types of assignments, there are many tools like spell check and grammar which helps the students proofread their assignments fast. Fewer mistakes are likely to happen if the assignments are typed and not handwritten.
    • Create a rough outline of all the points that have to be included in the assignment. By creating a framework of the assignment and then filling it with the content, the students can be systematic in their approach to the assignment. This will save a lot of time and students can finish quality assignments on time.

    Reading the Guidelines and Instructions

    Sometimes while in a rush, students do not follow the right instructions and guidelines of the assignment. This creates mistakes and hinders the chance for students to write quality assignments. Taking a few minutes to read the guidelines is always beneficial. Moreover, reading the exact topic or question of an assignment carefully is very important. Reading the question and understanding the question will help the students write the correct answer to the questions. If the question is not read and understood correctly, students might give an entirely different answer to a question.

    Keep the Assignment Short

    Many times the assignment does not have an assigned word count. This means that students do not have to spend time filling words into their assignments and writing large essays. Keeping the assignment to the point and concise will help the student write a good assignment in a short period of time. Writing unnecessarily long assignment will irk the evaluator and also waste time which students do not have when they have to write assignments in a short period of time.


    In most assignments, the students are needed to give references and citations throughout the assignments for sources from where the information was gathered. Generally, most students do the bibliography of references at the end. This is a time consuming process as students have to revisit the assignment to find all the references. Finishing the bibliography along with the assignment and writing the reference as they are made in the assignment into the bibliography saves a lot of time.

    Usually, during a semester there are many subjects and many assignments to complete in any given week. Students spend a lot of time studying and also attending class. Besides this, university is a time when students have a chance to meet friends and party and have a good time every now and then. Because of all these reasons, many times students do not handle their time effectively and then have to write assignments in short time.

    The above-mentioned methods will help students write their assignments faster and also help them write quality assignments. Assignments are a key aspect of the overall grade of a subject in the university. Writing bad assignments affects the grade point average of students even if they are good at writing exams. Universities teach their students time management assignment help which helps students after they leave the university. We live in a fast-paced world where employees at major corporations have to work at a fast speed and deliver good results. Assignments are a way to make students aware of time management and also help them work faster and more efficiently throughout the semester.

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