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  • 10Dec, 2019

    Why a Single Source of Truth Often Isn’t?

    Why a Single Source of Truth Often Isn’t?

    Salesforce has used its annual Dreamforce mega-show this week to make many announcements, which range from contact center partnership with Amazon to a smart speaker tool for sales.

    For most of the program, the keynote featured only practical applications of Salesforce tech.

    Some of the Dreamforces focus on the highly aspirational; while others focus on the ways to attain those aspirations, this year seems to be for the latter.

    Salesforce, however, did get very aspirational with the announcement of Customer 360 Truth. It is the unification of data across various cloud-based systems.

    This cloud-enabled companies to become profligate in their use of on-demand, easy-to-deploy applications, which had started to silo and separate the information. This is the exact issue of why CRM was introduced to combat way back when companies lacked a single source of sales data.

    Salesforce, this year, took a step further in that idea, and Customer 360 Truth aims not only to aggregate the data but also to organize that data across sales. Marketing, services, commerce and more. Its basic goal is to create a complete overview which reflects the reality of the customer at that moment, enabling the company to deliver a personalized, trusted and customized relationship with all the customers.


    It is not anything new for companies to apply technology to customer data for a more accurate understanding. InsideView, more than a decade ago, started gathering information about the customers, examining it and then presenting the pieces of data which were the most recent and relevant. The term “single source of truth” or SSOT, even back then, was talked about with great enthusiasm.

    By declaring SSOT as the “Fourth Wave of computing”, Mark Benioff took that enthusiasm to the next level. They have spent the last 35 years using the tech to collect, collate and employ data about their customers. Data wasn’t available 35 years ago. Now, one can collect a lot of it, and sure enough, the data needs to be sorted. But the fundamentals haven’t changed.

    What one worries about is the term “single source of the truth”, and what it implies. In terms of business, it means that the most accurate data is set in its possession and it is never going to be the sole source of truth about anyone. Based on what one’s data collection systems have gathered, it just happens to be the source of truth one’s analytic systems had decided on. It is very useful one needs to be careful.


    Every day someone or the other is exposed to the evidence from the “truth”, as understood by the various companies’ data systems and it bears very little resemblance to the actual truth.

    People regularly receive “targeted” ads on social media which are wildly off the mark like-

    1. Emails touting similar products to one-off purchases of gifts, 
    2. Halloween costumes bought years ago,
    3. Direct mail asking for someone’s support for causes that anybody could be opposed to

    These ads could suggest that the person is either a Republican gun owner who also wears a lot of T-shirts and is also into Tinker Bell. This is as wrong as anyone can get, and businesses waste lots of money on believing that it’s the real truth.


    Some of them are as follows-

    1. Data collection is flawed
    2. Half-baked inferences about customers
    3. Data entry is sloppy

    Here, the concept of SSOT could become derailed. No matter how much one invests in technology to pull the data together when one uses faulty data to determine the truth, the truth will be faulty.

    The businesses often make the mistake of believing that they own the SSOT about their customers, but in reality, each owns the best SSOT about themselves. Data about people is easier to manage than the data from the people. 

    Businesses spend more money on making educated guesses about their customers, by doing increasingly complex digital detective work, and kidding each other in believing that their SSOT is the best version of reality.

    It is important to separate specious data from accurate data unless one’s processes ruthlessly eradicate spotty or off-base data collection, it also regularly challenges inferences and assumptions about what data means, and checks on with the customers to see if their truth is anywhere close to one’s truth. One’s single source of truth could be one’s single biggest weakness.

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