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  • 12Nov, 2018

    Things to keep in mind before writing an essay

    Things to keep in mind before writing an essay

    Writing an essay can be a daunting task, especially if the topic of the essay is complex or the writer is simply not as familiar as with the writing process as one should be. Students who are not that familiar with the writing process assume that writing is easy. Later on, they find out that the writing might be easy but to write a good essay where you get good remarks and the readers appreciate your skill is not that easy. This is when they discover that they need to know, not only about the topic of their paper but about the writing process as well.

    Becoming familiar with the topic of an essay can obviously be achieved through research using various sources, including an essay sample that focuses on your specific topic. Needless to say, the research process itself can be long and time-consuming, but it is a part of the essay writing which should not be overlooked.

    Things to keep in mind before writing an essay

    Proper and thorough research is critical to writing a quality essay

    Mastering writing techniques are also critical to writing a quality essay. Looking at an essay sample can also help you master proper writing techniques because they provide examples of how essays should be organized, formatted, structured etc.

    Of course, both for research purposes and for viewing examples of the writing process, you need to make sure that the essay sample you view is well-written and you shouldn't limit yourself to looking at just one essay sample. In fact, for inexperienced writers, looking at an essay sample is probably the first place to start learning about the writing process. You can not only see examples of how to write introductions, conclusions, topic sentences, introductory paragraphs, and thesis statements, but you can also see examples of how to properly cite your sources, format your paper, and construct sentences. The inspiration for your own paper can also be found when you look at other essays. And, if you don't already have a topic, sometimes a look at other essays can be just the ticket to finding the topic that suits and interests you enough to be the topic choice for your paper. Selection of an interesting topic which will fascinate you in exploring and making in-depth research is the first and foremost thing that you ought to do. Some scholarships don't allow such selection but allow you to choose from amongst some predefined topics.

    Grab the reader’s attention

    This is the most important point that a writer should keep in mind. You should write in a creative way that would appeal to everyone’s interest. The easiest way to do this is to pick a unique title. The readers search through various titles before reading your essay, so one should make sure that their title is creative enough which stands out from the rest of the crowd. As you succeed in grabbing the reader’s attention you need to assure that the reader would read your essay until the end. This is where the introductory part becomes handy. It should be appealing, the idea should be exciting and some creative punch lines should be added that would create a good impression on the reader.

    • YOUR ESSAY SHOULD BE INSPIRATIONAL: The essay should be written in such a way that it conveys a message to the reader or there should be something that everyone could learn something from it. Though the format is plain informative one, putting a touch of something inspirational could serve as an eye-opener.
    • CATCHINESS: The essay should always be catchy. Once the reader takes a glance at your introduction or the title, he should instantly be impressed or awed which would make him read further. Your essay should be interesting from start to finish. The reader or the teacher reading your essay should not get bored with your writing. This would create a bad impression in the starting itself and they would not make you well.
    • CLARITY: The ideas and thoughts or the examples should be conveyed with clarity. The reader or the teacher reading your essay should be impressed with your message. One should try avoiding abstract writing, try not to confuse your readers, make the essay simple and interesting as you can. The writing style should be unique and should not be misleading in any chance. Add bullet points and convey your thoughts by adding sub-points. Creating suspense might be a good idea but it should not be too long as the reader might get annoyed.

    Proofreading, editing and revision

    One should forget these points. A writer should always proofread and edit at the last. This would help them to spot the errors in spelling; punctuations which are not noticed while one in the writing process. Students who submit at once won’t be able to spot errors like the grammar, spelling or the paragraph composition. Revision, at last, is extremely vital. Therefore, make sure the first draft should not be the final draft.

    Once you have completed your essay, read it once or twice and make sure that the same is properly edited. A properly edited essay will facilitate smooth and enjoyable reading without the necessity of reverting back to already read chapters and paragraphs every now and then. In other words, a professionally constructed and well-organized essay ensures smooth sailing from the beginning to the end. Lastly, it is sincerely advised to avoid copying and pasting essays written by other writers. This is both unethical and immoral behaviour.

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