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  • 08Dec, 2019

    The Role of Acute Care in Health Systems and Services

    The Role of Acute Care in Health Systems and Services

    Acute Care refers to health care services where students are given immediate treatment with respect to severe injury. They are being treated to recover immediately from surgery and are diagnosed under an urgent medical system.

    Acute Services are focused mainly on the wellness of the people and society. It includes all types of curative, rehabilitative, primitive, preventive or palliative actions. The main motto of implementing this system is to improve a person’s health. The main areas of work are frequency, time, and rapid intervention. These services consist of components related to the health system. This is used for the treatment of unexpected injury and illness. These are needed to be treated on an urgent basis.

    It is very important for nursing students to understand the concepts while implementing these services.

    Let us now discuss the domains of the acute care system:

    • Surgery related to Trauma and acute care– Each individual is given a specific treatment on the basis of their illness. This includes life-threatening injuries, strangulated hernias or acute appendicitis
    • Care for emergency– This includes treating the acute life for meeting the various limb-threatening medical as well as surgical needs. Patients suffering from acute myocardial infarctions, patients with abdominal pain or acute cerebrovascular accidents are given such medical care.
    • Care on an urgent basis– This includes providing ambulatory care to the patients either in a medical care facility or in the hospital. For example, care to be provided to a child suffering from fever or an injured ankle.
    • Stabilization on a short term basis– This includes providing specific treatment at the earliest. This must be done even before undergoing a definitive treatment. For example: Treating a patient with administering intravenous fluids before transferring to an operating room.
    • Pre-hospital care– This includes treating a patient with a typical care plan. This is done before the patient is transferred to a health care facility. Here they get a definitive care treatment. For example:- Treating the patient in an ambulance or by means of local care providers.
    • Critical care – This includes treating a patient who is suffering from life-threatening illnesses and emergencies. The patients are kept under constant monitoring unit. Comprehensive care is provided to the students. For example: Treating the students with endotracheal intubation suffering from respiratory problems.

    What is the significant role of acute care?

    Acute health care is implemented to treat patients suffering from life-threatening conditions. In order to improve the situation of the person, they are treated with a strong health system rather than just witnessing a patchwork effort.  The main motto of this health care system is to provide immediate response and action. By treating the patients with such care can help minimize death with primary care completion.

    What are the interventions implemented for the first 24 hours?

    While having the need to implement the acute care proceedings, you have to understand the procedures to be implemented within the first 24 hours.

    The steps that are required to be taken are as follows:

    • Create a model of acute care service that is easily affordable by the people. It must be designed in such a way that it can be implemented in countries having low as well as middle-income level people.
    • Work towards improving co-ordination amongst the acute care providers so as to deliver all the services effectively and efficiently.
    • Developing research modules to quantify the limitations of acute care diseases in a very cost-effective way. Try to justify the integration of acute care within the common health systems.
      • Held national and international level discussions to encourage the service of providing better acute care.

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