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  • 05Nov, 2019

    The Ethical Dimensions of Accounting Theory and Practice

    The Ethical Dimensions of Accounting Theory and Practice

    Accounting theory is all about the framework and methodology applied by an accountant in undergoing the various accounting practices. Accounting is required in all types of business. The practice of accounting is the same all over the world. Every business needs to hire accountants to work on his day to day accounting transactions. 


    Students who are interested in pursuing accounts as a career choose the subject of finance. They are being trained in the various principles of accounting. With time, accounting practices have changed a lot. Many new concepts have been introduced in the field of accounting. Previously accounts were all about the historical presentation of transactions in the books. Nowadays it is required to present the information based on a fair value system. 


    Accounting theories are put into actual practice to prepare the accounts of the companies. Before understanding the various accounting techniques,


    It is important to first understand the following items-


    Business Environment: The business environment consists of various markets. Such as the labor market, capital market, product market, and the other business regulations. One has to understand in what market, they are to apply their accounting concepts and theories. It is different in every environment. 


    Accounting Environment: After getting an idea upon the business environment, it is important to make a judgment upon the applicable accounting environment. The concepts of accounting vary in different types of environments. You have to make judgments upon the various accounting rules and regulations that are applicable in a given environment. Make a note of all the tax regulations and financial accounting concepts that can be applied in a given business environment. 


    Accounting System: Every company has its own accounting system. There are many softwares available in the market which deals in making accounting transactions for the companies. Thus, you also need to understand the software that is in use by these companies. You will not be able to work on a particular accounts of a company if you are not able to understand its accounting system first.


    Business Strategy: Study the various business strategies implied by these companies. Each company has its own set of strategies implied. See what are the accounting policies adopted by these companies. Make a note of all these policies and ensure whether these are consistently followed for all the financial years. Make a judgment of whether the accounting estimates made by them are correct or not. Evaluate whether any other accounting estimate can be implied in practice or not.


    Disclosures: This is a very important part of the financial statement of a company. A company needs to disclose all the relevant items in its books of accounts. Well, it is not possible for a person studying the financial statement to understand it completely if they do not have any idea regarding the accounting policies adopted by these companies. Thus, an accountant must make sure that all the relevant information has been properly disclosed in the financial statements of the company.


    Many accounting practices can be implied by a company is undergoing its accounts. However, every company follows either the cash system of accounting or the accrual system of accounting.


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