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  • 16Nov, 2019

    Sequential Analysis of Sarah and Joe Case Study

    Sequential Analysis of Sarah and Joe Case Study

    Here we will discuss a very famous case study. This case study relates to methodologies behind foster care.

    We will be discussing about The Sarah and Joe case study. If you have any problem in understanding, you can always get connected to our team.

    In foster care, the following attributes are noticed within the case:

    • Parental Responsibility
    • Parental Care
    • Parental Security
    • Parental Life.

    Sarah and Joe case study accommodates all these attributes and the discussion related to it.

    Let us now begin our discussion upon the given case study:

    Brief of the case: The case study relates to Sarah and Joe. Sarah is 34 years old and Joe is 37 years old. Sarah and Joe stayed together for 15 years but never married each other. Though being unmarried, they have a son. His name is Thomas and he is 12 years old. Sarah and Joe fulfilled all their parenting responsibilities and have raised Thomas together.

    The objective behind studying the case lies in understanding how Sarah and Joe were successful in parenting a child together. Sarah and Joe live a much-disciplined life. They have a proper routine to be followed which included mealtime, bedtime, etc. Even they try to involve in helping in their household activities. With that, they have made sure that Thomas gets all the facilities along with a safe and happy home environment.


    Joe and Sarah are educated well enough. Joe works as an IT specialist as well as Sarah works for a bank as a customer care executive. Thus, though being unmarried along with a busy schedule, they are able to deliver all their responsibilities required for successful parenting.

    What is the main aim of understanding the said case?

    The main aim behind understanding the said case is how Sarah and Joe were able to deliver all their parenting responsibilities even though being so busy in the personal and professional life. However, it is to be kept in mind that Thomas did not cause any problem to his parents. 

    Let us now discuss the attributes behind the case study: The Sarah and Joe case study relates to foster care methodologies. The main aim of the case is to depict the adequate parenting technique required.

    Let us discuss the various attributes of the case:

    • Unmarried Parents: It has been clearly stated that Sarah and Jones were unmarried. They stayed together for 15 years. Though being unmarried they delivered all their parenting responsibilities. Neither Sarah not Joe backed by any of the responsibilities required for raising a child. Thus, they were able to set up a completely safe and healthy environment for Thomas.
    • Responsibilities towards each other: Sarah and Joe both had a strict routine to be followed. They had a pre-decided mealtime and bedtime. They both were involved equally in fulfilling their household activities. It has been also mentioned in the case that they involved Thomas in their household work. This proves a fact that both Sarah and Joe were responsible for strengthening a family bond in their homes. 
    • Utmost Care: Sarah and Joe showed the utmost care towards Thomas and exclusively helped each other in raising the child. They both committed themselves equally in fulfilling all of their responsibilities towards Thomas. Thus, Thomas was under the utmost care of his parents. They were also successful in preparing a safe and happy house life for the child. 
    • Foster Care: As mentioned in the case, Thomas never behaved in an inappropriate manner with his parents. Thus, he was given a good lesson upon behaving by his parents. This shows how well Sarah and Joe are able to raise a child in making him a responsible citizen. With this, we can also anticipate that Sarah and Joe made sure that Thomas behaves well both in his home and in his school.
    • Independent Life: Sarah and Joe were not dependent on each other financially. Thus, they were able to make sure that they both manage a job as well as their home. This shows how both the parents are well capable of securing the bright future of their child. Thomas will be able to grow up being a very responsible person in society.

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