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  • 08Nov, 2019

    Persuasive Assignment Writing: Your Pocket guide

    Persuasive Assignment Writing: Your Pocket guide

    Planning to write a persuasive assignment?

    Have an idea to make your readers interested in your topic?

    Well, this blog is all about explaining the ways in making a persuasive assignment.

    Assignment is a piece of academic writing which contains the details upon a given topic. You may get an assignment on any topic of your subject. However, it is important to write in such a way that the reader is completely enthusiast in reading your assignment.

    What makes a reader interested in your assignment?

    A reader feels interested only when he can learn something new from your assignment. It may so happen that the reader already knows the topic of your assignment. Nevertheless, he will read it only when he gets a piece of new information from your assignment. Therefore, it is very important to understand your reader to make your assignment persuasive.

    How to understand your reader?

    To know your audience, it is very important to know to whom you will be submitting your assignment. You may have to submit your assignment to either a public or to your school committee.

    If you are submitting your assignment to be read by the public, you must keep the following things in mind:


    • The reader is interested in knowing the topic of your assignment.
    • The information can be of personal or professional use.
    • Do not include any information that is irrelevant to the reader.

    If you are submitting your assignment to your school community, keep in mind the following:


    • Present your assignment in a way expected by them.
    • Include all the important points related to your content in your assignment.
    • Give an adequate format for your assignment.
    • Make your assignment in such a way that you can meet up their expectation

    How to make sure that the content is very persuasive?

    The content part is the most important part of your assignment. Thus, it is very important to draft it in such a way that the reader is thoroughly interested in reading your assignment completely.

    Let us discuss the ways in making your assignment persuasive:


    • Start your content with an introduction to the topic.
    • Give a piece of detailed information and evidence supporting the contents of your assignment.
    • Give all the facts and figures required to make your points and observations authentic.
    • Divide your content into several paragraphs. This will make your assignment easier for the reader to understand.
    • Keep the words of your assignment very simple.
    • Draft your content in such a way that even a layman can understand it.
    • Make sure all the topics of your content are related to each other.
    • Do not include any information that is irrelevant to the reader.

    Your assignment becomes more persuasive if you can apply a proper format to it. Formatting must be done in such a way that your assignment becomes more presentable.

    While applying a particular format in your assignment, keep in mind the following points:


    • Keep your format as simple as possible.
    • Do not write your content in a font that is very funky in appearance.
    • Keep the font style as ‘Times New Roman' or ‘Times’, as these are the generally two fonts accepted as a standard for writing academic contents.
    • Keep the font size of 12 to your entire content.
    • Keep the heading bold with a font bigger than your other contents.
    • Draft a very attractive cover report for your assignment.

    To persuade your readers more in reading your assignment, it is very important to let the readers know about the source of your information. You can include footnotes and endnotes to give a brief description of its source.

    How footnotes can help you in making a persuasive assignment?

    Footnotes are inserted at the bottom of your page. The main reason behind inserting a footnote is to explain a given content in your assignment. Footnotes are generally written in one or two lines. These are added to explain a particular term or refer to the source of a particular statement.

    How endnotes can help you in making a persuasive assignment?

    Endnotes are usually inserted at the end of your entire assignment. It contains all the sources of your information in your assignment. The only difficulty a reader faces due to endnotes is that they have to refer to the end page again and again in getting the information.

    You can also utilize the Harvard referencing style if you intend to use the work from other original documents. If you intend to do so, insert the name of the author and its source at the end of your statement.

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