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  • 06Jan, 2020

    Netflix and Its Harmful Effects on Students These Days

    Netflix and Its Harmful Effects on Students These Days

    Netflix has become an integral part of every Smartphone these days. And why not, one gets to watch interesting content whenever they are free. You will always have someone talking the new web series released in the world of Netflix. But being a student is it justified to use Netflix with crunch of time? Will the students not end up wasting more time with Netflix? Will this application get their subject efficiency in question? Can it make potentially have a negative influence in career life as well?

    Well, we have all the answers for you to make you understand how it can affect a normal university student life and their career significantly.

    According to study, it has been seen around 90 percent of students in the USA are Netflix-ers! Around 2 to 7 hours a week they are spending in the respective application which eventually adds up to be a big number per month. With time scarcity it is not going to be helpful for students to get hold of their academic needs. But it’s not all negative being a Netflix subscriber. Yes, there are many who have reported to enhance their interaction skills which reduced their stress quite promisingly. This helped them with excellent productivity.

    But if you look at bigger picture, Netflix is just not acceptable if you are pursuing an academic course because of the time cut down. Yes, it is just not possible for them to spend time watching web series with already so much to work upon. They need to attend classes, prepare for tests, and who can forget the task of assignment? So, it can get your results move in negative direction and it will get difficult for students to notch up their grades.

    Take a look how difficult it can get for you to have your academic needs covered being a member of Netflix-

    1. Firstly, it will become a problem for you to manage your time properly. Yes, you need to have time to cover your different academic tasks life attending classes, seminars and more. So, getting yourself registered with Netflix can cut down the time and make your academic life even more difficult.
    2. During your academic courses, you will be asked to work upon different writing task, in the form of dissertation, essay, report, and more. It requires time and proper research work. But as many already are occupied with so many works it becomes difficult for them to work on their assignments. Above that if you are Netflix-ing, it will certainly get you in bigger trouble.
    3. If you are using Netflix late at night and not sleeping well. It can get your health under trouble. Yes, to work upon so many academic task, you need to be healthy and active rather wasting your time using Netflix. So, make sure to avoid using it while pursuing important course of study.
    4. Being a college student, you will be most probably cooking all by your own and if you end up spending time on Netflix you run out of time to cook for yourself. Yes, with scarcity of time, you will not be able to have time to cook and eat properly and eventually get your health poor. If you think hiring a cook will be a smart move, then no, it will take a lot of bucks out of your pocket which you could have used to hire Assignment Help service and have your writing needs covered. So, it’s always wise to keep yourself away from Netflix during your academic tenure.
    5. You are always complaining about not having a leisure time for yourself. So, if you have so minutes in your pocket, you can always consider going out and catching up with your friends. But if you consider watching Netflix shows instead, it can literally also cut of your leisure time where you could have done a lot more than just watching one of your shows.

    These are the reason which shows how Netflix can have a harmful impact in student’s life while they are pursuing academic courses. They are already stressed that do not have the time to worked upon their task of assignment and it becomes very difficult for them get it covered with perfection because of no experience. So, if you are in the same situation, all you need to do is to get yourself in touch with one of the Online Assignment Help experts and let them do the job for you.

    There are many students who are also successful in pulling all the strings together even after watching their favorite shows in Netflix and the reason being assignment help service team. Yes, they take the burden of student’s educational burden and help them cover most of their task in the most professional manner and this leaves them with lot of time which can be utilized to watch their favorite shows. But, its always better to avoid and get your academics covered with utmost proficiency first.

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