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  • 30Dec, 2019

    Management Assessment Task: Creativity and Innovation at the Workplace

    Management Assessment Task: Creativity and Innovation at the Workplace

    In the context of business in today’s era, traditional beliefs sometimes become an obstacle in the road to innovation. This happens because, in today’s modern-day scenario, traditional methods aren’t fruitful in providing a radically different eye. Therefore, there seems to be a pressing need to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace.

    This is the exact reason why students who are engaged in the study of management are often needed to complete their assignments on creativity and innovation. 

    What Is Needed To Be Done In The Assignment?

    The assignments which are coming out under creativity and innovation, talk about various models that are used to promote them within a particular workplace. In this scenario, students are needed to study the climate model and depict how incorporating it would be while serving the purpose of promoting creativity and innovation.

    If one wants to find creative solutions for a workplace, then the first step is to get an idea about what creativity is. The assignment help professionals would define creativity as the efficiency of a person to challenge the existing practices, as it urges to establish connections that guide them towards innovative practices and solutions as well. In other words, if one is willing to expand the horizon of their thinking to bring out something out-of-the-box, then one is automatically creative. It plays a very crucial role in the development of the company.


    To promote creativity in the workplace, the management assignment writers use the following tangible steps for student’s assignment help:

    • Switching It On :- If one wishes to crack the creativity codes onto their assignments, then the first step is to accept the fact that one is creative. One must keep on saying it to themselves that creativity is a skill that can be learned. In this context of creativity and innovation assignment solution, while one is analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing creativity and innovation in their workplace, one also needs to keep on telling themselves that being innovative is within one’s reach. 
    • Withholding Judgement :- Many people don’t break free from their ideas as they are apprehensive of what others might think, despite the ubiquity of all the brainstorming sessions about creativity and innovation within the workplace. That’s why employees tend to follow the ideas which are already accepted rather than generating new ideas that are against the accepted norms. This closes the doors to innovation and creativity.
    • Killing the Idea Killers :- There are many barriers in the path of people who wants to think creatively and act innovatively. Therefore, the necessary step towards drafting a full proof plan to promote creativity involves eliminating all the idea killers within the boundaries of the organization.

    Steps in Promoting Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace:-

    If one wishes to cultivate innovative ideas and creativity in their workplace, then one must have some great ideas.


    The following are the 9 steps to promote innovation and creativity within one’s workplace:

    1. One needs to discover new markets
    2. One also needs to diversify their workplace
    3. One should take inputs from outside
    4. One needs to create free space in their working environment
    5. One should take up ideas from people in the workplace
    6. One needs to promote motivation
    7. Regarding the formulation of new ideas, one must bring in clear rules and regulations
    8. One could also try and improve old ideas as well, and make them into something new and better
    9. One also needs to keep monitoring and checking their innovation

    With the help of the above-mentioned steps, it will be easy for the students to formulate innovation and creativity in their assignments. One can try it themselves, and if one faces any challenges, then they can speak to an expert at the service provider. 

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