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  • 12Dec, 2019

    Laura Moore Case Study Answer- International Financial Services

    Laura Moore Case Study Answer- International Financial Services

    Finance is a massive and complex field that focuses on fund management.

    Nowadays, it has diversified its tentacles to several important disciplines like International Finance, Careers in Retail and Commercial Banking, Commercial Finance, Corporate FinanceFinancial Accounting, Financial Planning & Wealth Management, Operations, Specialist Markets, Structured finance, etc.

    Keeping in mind its importance, students are assigned a lot of complex assignments on the management of international financial services. One such case is Laura Moore’s Case Study.

    Given that you are a finance student, you would have had come across this important assignment. In this blog, we aim to help you understand the concepts involved in the assignment that will allow you to easily analyze and interpret the case study. 

    How a Finance Assignment Writer is required to approach a Laura Moore Case Study?

    The primary purpose of the Laura Moore Case study is to bring forward the events that the managers have to deal with, regularly. It provides the students with an opportunity to go deeper into organizational problems and find robust solutions to deal with them.


    Laura Moore had recently left her job as a Graphic designer to open her own company; a Graphic Design Agency dedicated to the creation and design of apps for mobile devices. Laura had decided to be self-employed. 

    To do so she had her business premises, which was under the ownership of her father in Barcelona, downtown. Now she was required to hire- A visual designer, a developer and an administrative assistant.

    You would be given a background of the person involved and all the problems that he/she faces every day. The student is expected to provide appropriate solutions for the problems that have been addressed in this question as per the situation.

    • To hire the administrative assistant, Marta has decided to offer an indefinite contract. It is her first employee that she will hire and this has a recognized degree of disability of 37%. Explain to Marta what bonuses and reductions could be applied in the hiring of the administrative and what type of contract should do exposing its main characteristics. You must prepare the work contract of the Administrative Assistant in the corresponding official model.

    The contract has been drafted and completed according to Spanish regulations, you must specify in detail the differences of this if it had been made in the United Kingdom.

    • In the question above, we need to explain the work contract of the administrative assistant. As the company is situated in Spain, we have to now state whether or not Spain has played the role of a strategically important location for Laura Moore. 
    1. We know the salaries agreed with the 2 of the workers: It develops the different steps to follow to prepare the payroll of each of them and the financial nature of each of the items involved:
    2. Administrative Assistant: 3 months seniority. He has an indefinite work contract, base salary; 1500 pounds. Collective bargaining: 50 pounds: He has two extra-ordinary 6-month accrual pays and receives them on 06/30 and 12/31 of each year for an amount equal to the base salary. He has a disability of 37% and is single without children. He has two overtime hours that month at a rate of 15 pounds/ hour.
    3. Visual designer: 2-month seniority. He has a temporary contract: Base salary: 1950 pounds. Collective bargaining: 100 pounds. Productivity: 6 pounds/ day. It has two extra-ordinary 6-month accrual payments and receives them apportioned each month. He is married and has a 9-year-old son (his spouse receives income of over 1500 pounds/ year).

    Once you have developed all these steps to follow in each case and the amount of the items, make the official payroll of the Administrative Assistant. 

    • Based on the financial nature of items that are involved with each worker, ouronline assignment help experts develop certain steps that aid them in creating a robust payroll of administrative assistance.
    • Studying and analysing the details of both the workers, our assignment helpers can decide the accurate payroll that each work out to get in these international finance management assignment answers.

    A year and a half after being hired, the administrative officer requests a period of leave of 6 months due to personal reasons. 

    Make the severance taking into account that-

    • The leave is granted from July 25th
    • Worker has 10 days of vacations pending.
    • In July he has made 6 overtime hours. 
    • In this question also, students are given a situation wherein, it is the most critical step to get through with the accurate details of the employee so that the future can be easily determined.
    • Like, information about July 25th leaves’ records, pending leaves and overtime (OT) details are all mentioned in this Case Study. Based on this information, our financial management assignment help experts can draw a parallel between Spain and some other country and compare the scenarios in both of them. 


    1. Foreign exchange and political risks:- Numerous fluctuations take place in the exchange rates based on multitudes of reasons. Resultantly, this impacts a lot of processes related to financial management such as consumption, investment functions of several companies, production and more.
    2. Market imperfections:- There are various barriers to market imperfections which constitute legal restrictions, discriminatory taxation, asymmetrical information, high transportation costs, etc.
    3. Expanded opportunity sets:- Nowadays, it has been observed that the huge firms that consider entering the international market make use of many opportunities like deploying assets, raising the funds, expanding their locations in the world etc. to gain a monopolistic hand amongst other companies.

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