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  • 26Dec, 2019

    A step-by-step guide to the investigation and procedure of criminal law assessment answer

    A step-by-step guide to the investigation and procedure of criminal law assessment answer

    A court follows a certain process to form reasonable grounds on a case and have the action taken. An investigator needs to follow a protocol and act within the bounds of that law.

    Any new effective strategy requires certain steps to be followed to be learned. Investigating for a criminal law assessment is no different and has to follow a progression to get clearer results.

    Step 1: It is important that one understands the difference between investigative thinking and tasks which needs to done as per the case. Yes, when it comes to performing tasks, there are number of it which makes it successful. Some of the tasks performed are getting to the evidence, checking with the information in detail, addressing the suspects, and starting with the interrogation. These are the important aspects of investigation tasks. But when it comes to thinking, one is always focused on who the things will be executed to avail the best of results. So, all types of assessment and detailing is done for the respective tasks to be executed. In short, its planning which needs to be done before execution.

    Step 2: After you are done with the planning of your investigative case, its time to move ahead with the execution of all the process to get to get to the result. Here you need to executive all the acts which you have planned to reach the right result. With proper planning, you will be able to cove these steps with better execution. You need to have proper understanding of all the incidents which are related to the case and what can be the dynamics of it. This will help you get deeper in this case and catch the criminal with a lot more evidence.

    Step 3: Next step is assessing the response of the investigation done for the respective case. Yes, there are two types of response you can expect in the respective procedure in the form of tactical response and strategic response. Tactical response will be for the ones who are involved in assessing the criminal incidents which might have happened according to their investigation process. But when it comes to strategic response, its because of the evidence which they are assessing during the respective procedure. They need to assess both the scenarios and then make a proper decision.

    Step 4:  When it comes to moving ahead with investigation the most important process which is followed is understand the event which occurred and what are the offences related to it! The proper understanding of it lead to right results so one needs to dig deep to understand what could have led to what and this can make things easier for one to capture the right result. So, this process has to more detailed and slow to understand all the leads and what could have prompted for the event to happen!

    Step 5: Another important step of investigative process is differentiating the entire event being active or inactive. Yes, if the event is active, then this needs to assessed at the quickest because it can still harm somebody and the person needs to protected or warned about the actions which can be targeted to them. According to the previous events, it needs to be assessed is it being targeted to someone and still active or not. If its not targeted to anyone else then the event will certainly be called inactive and the prospects are to be found. The entire event is completed and there is no more consequences to be followed ahead.

    Step 6: This means the situation or the event is still active and one needs to dig deep in the situation to assess what can be the threat or action in the coming which can be harmful. So, each and every facet needs to be assessed properly to understand the situation and what can be leading in the coming time. They need to prepare a back-up plan for this so that it is averted at all cost and there is no harm to anybody in the coming time.

    So, these are the steps of criminal investigation process which is followed to achieve the best of consequences and results.

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