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  • 04Dec, 2019

    How to get good grades in your academics?

    How to get good grades in your academics?

    Getting good grades in academics is a dream to come true. Students work day and night to prepare for their exams. They spend endless nights working on projects assigned to them.

    However, due to some reason, they fail in scoring good marks.  Students lack the skills of proper planning. They start preparing for their exams in the 12th hour. Due to limited time and lot of stress, they fail to do it properly.

    There are few habits that you can inculcate within yourself to achieve higher grades in your academics.

    Let's discuss a few of them:

    Pay attention in your class: -

    The most important thing is to pay attention while attending your lectures. You can cover the maximum portion of your syllabus by just concentrating in your class.

    Have a habit of writing notes during the lecture. Do not feel shy about asking your queries. The much better you respond in your class, the more are the chances for you to understand the topic.

    Revise your lessons: -

    After attending your lectures, have a habit of revising your lessons. It is not necessary to revise it on the same day. However, revise it before the next lecture starts. This will help you in understanding and memorizing the topic easily.

    Keep a note of points you did not understand properly. Clear all these doubts in your next lecture. There may be topics on which your concepts are not clear.

    You must clear all these before appearing for your examination.

    Plan your work: -

    It is very important to plan all your work adequately. Your plan must be designed on the basis of the class routine required to be followed.

    Mark down all the important event dates on a calendar. In this way, you won’t skip any of them. Give priority to tasks to be done on an urgent basis.

    Take private tuitions: -

    It is not possible for teachers to look after each of their students. The brightest ones can understand the topic easily. But, there are few students who need extra attention.

    In case, you face any difficulty in understanding the lectures in your class, you should go for private tuitions. They can easily help you out with your subjects.

    Private tuitions are available easily. It’s not even that costly. You can easily afford them and get all your doubts cleared.

    Group Studies: -

    Group Studies are the best way to prepare for your exams. Gather a few of your friends and sit together to study.

    Your friends can easily help you in solving all your doubts. You will be more motivated in preparing for your exams. Fix a time convenient to all. Decide the topic on which discussions are to be made. You will enjoy more while studying with your friends.

    Avoid Distractions: -

    You must avoid any kind of distraction during your study time. Quit the habit of checking your phone every minute. Study at a place which is not too noisy.

    This will help you in concentrating more on your preparations.

    Complete your work on time: -

    Students are noticed to start all their pending work in the last hour. They do it in a hurry just to complete it.

    However, there is no use of doing such work. You just waste your time and ultimately feel too stressed.

    Your work will get accumulated if you keep on ignoring them. Therefore, it is very important to work on all your tasks on time. Not only will you complete it, but you will also do it in a much better way.

    Know the examination pattern: -

    Before appearing for your exams, it is very important to know about its pattern. Study the last year's question papers.

    Refer your solution sheet to an expert. Understand the areas where you have committed mistakes. This will help you to assess your preparation. You will notice that you have gained more confidence in appearing for your exams. 

    Take out time to relax: -

    Do not just study all the time. Have adequate breaks for yourself. This will help you to keep your mind relaxed.  

    Have Confidence: -

    This is a much-needed thing to score better grades in your exam.  Now just have confidence that you will do amazing.

    Research has proved that students having better confidence are prone to score much better marks in their exams than others.

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