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  • 15Dec, 2019

    How Should One Explain The Academic/Employment Gaps On A Resume?

    How Should One Explain The Academic/Employment Gaps On A Resume?

    Every year, millions of people apply for jobs in various fields all over the world. Applying for any job in any region in the world, what is the first step? That is sending a resume or Curriculum Vitae. A resume is a very essential document that can get an applicant to further rounds for a job or can even get rejected from the very first step. 

    Therefore, it is very important to prepare your resume in such an informative yet short and simple way that it could show your qualifications, skills, and experience. 

    When it comes to working experience and having an employment gap or education gap, it puts a question mark that if not working what applicant was doing and why the applicant wasn’t working or was the applicant not capable of doing a job? This basically makes so many doubts in the recruiter’s mind.

    Explaining about the employment gap in a resume is about knowing the reasons that are acceptable to a recruiter. There could be thousands of reasons why an applicant is not working or studying.

    Here are some examples-

    • Medical issues
    • Taking time to travel
    • Further studies
    • Starting own venture
    • Family issues
    • Not getting the desired job after education

    Companies like people who are dedicated and consistent towards work-life, who are already employed but if there is a genuine reason that an applicant couldn’t work is acceptable. 

    If you are preparing your resume and you have an employment gap,

    you must follow the below-mentioned tips:-

    Study the guidelines:

    Before preparing your resume, it is very important to keep things simple and short.

    Every year, thousands of resumes get rejected just because applicants who have an employment gap failed to give adequate reasons why they were not working. This is very simple yet difficult for some to just explain a valid reason. 

    Steps and Tips to follow:

    Step 1- It is very important to be clear and concise-

    Explain an employment gap in a resume clearly but laconically, you need not go into details much.

    Step 2- Show them you are serious and ready to work-

    Let them know whatever the reasons you were not working or studying in the past but now it has ended you are motivated and dedicated to work again to utilize full of your skills and experience.

    Step 3- Emphasize your inspirations and motivations-

    Show them your interest in the job and why this is so important to you also show them you are qualified for the job with your skills and qualifications or experience.

    How to do it:-

    • If your employment gaps are longer, you should write a brief note in your resume to explain. Make sure that in the resume, your previous positions are mentioned with the dates you held them. You can also add your gaps and write a brief note. e.g.  Took a break for treatment of serious illness.
    • If your gaps are smaller you can only mention years in the experience column, there are no such rules to mention month wise.
    • Writing in career objectives could be a good example. E.g. Looking for opportunities again to utilize my knowledge and skills.
    • A cover letter can also be a good option to show how much you are interested in this job and to justify that you can take all the positive points you have.
    • Explaining about the experience you gained while you were not working. e.g. Freelance projects, volunteer experiences, etc. 

    Tips to do it:-

    • Make yourself sound like you are in demand:-This means you should sound confident and motivated.
    • Be honest and upfront:-This means honest and clear in explaining because having a gap doesn’t make you less skillful or qualified.
    • Selection of resume format:-This also plays an important role. Taking a hybrid format would help since these formats mostly focus on what and how you can contribute including skills and value you can add rather than dates and time of past jobs or academics.

    Writing Skills:-

    Having an employment gap in your resume could be a red flag. Therefore, it is very essential to describe things in such a manner that it does not reduce your chances of getting selected for a job interview.

    By taking care of a few things and using the right words and manner you can cover this gap. The golden rule will always be to keep things simple and short.

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