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  • 25Dec, 2019

    10 Highest-Paid Employees In 2019 – Only One Woman Made It To The List!

    10 Highest-Paid Employees In 2019 – Only One Woman Made It To The List!

    Employees and the end customers are the major drivers for any firm to run. Even though customers hold slight more importance than employees, it is the employees who work tirelessly day and night to satisfy these customers.

    Behind every successful company, effort-worthy employees are working. Right from top management to lower management, employees are required for strategic decisions and their implementation.

    They are rewarded with suitable salaries for the same. It has been acknowledged that most of these employees belong to management category and have loads of know-how in their respective field of study and service. But, just experience doesn’t help them earn well, there is something more to it which makes their pocket full of money. If you have a desire to know about the people who have the best salary in the world at present then you have surely landed yourself in the best page, take a look

    • Dara Khosrowshahi-An inspiration man is not only winning hearts but also grabbing a lot of money being a CEO of Uber. He completely changed the way company moved and made this organization what it is today with his exceptional skills and experience. His earning of $94 million yearly is a score to beat presently.
    • Leslie Moonves-If you are into media and are thinking not much opportunity is in your bag than Leslie Moonves is certainly going to inspire you come out of your fears. His annual earnings rocketed to $69 million is a benchmark which everyone can just dream of!
    • Philippe P Dauman-With annual earning of staggering $93 million, he become one of the highest earners of this decade. Though his $54 million earning was because of termination payout he still became the richest earners in the world.
    • Leonard S Schleifer-The chief executive of biotechnology company has surpassed all the expectations with a staggering income of around 47 million yearly. His unique attitude and exceptional skills made him a stand out in the business.
    • Robert A Iger-He is another media executive in America who has exclusively surpassed all the expectations and mastered his skills exceptionally. This attitude helped him become one of the richest earners in the world crossing the mark of $43 million with ease.
    • Mark V Hurd-Being a technology executive not many think of earning big but this man proved everyone wrong has crossed the mark of $41 million annually. The reason behind the success was the attitude with which he worked and the desire to innovate. This made him grow and rise above the rest.
    • Safra A Catz-Who thinks a banker executive can exclusively make up to the list of highest earners in 2019? Well, she is definitely proved many wrong with her amazing knowledge and skills. She has also learned more about the technology and exclusively made her progress quite strongly in her career with earning around $40 million.
    • Frank J Bisignano-With an income of $31 million per year, he has also inspired many with his management skills and helped his business grow and become one of the best competitors in the industry.
    • Sandeep Mathrani-CEO of  Brookfield Properties, he has exclusively gained attention of many with his amazing decision and skills. He made his company strive in such tough competition and exclusively surpassed the earnings of $12 million per year.
    • Howard M Lorber-An investor who made news with his earning of $8 annually has exclusively grabbed this spot because of his amazing skills and capabilities.

    So, these are few of the inspirational people who have stole the limelight and helped many learn and make an impact within a short period of time. You can always learn from their management skills and give your experience a boost to catch with them in your professional life.

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