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  • 09Dec, 2019

    Health Promotion and Health Education for Professional Nurse

    Health Promotion and Health Education for Professional Nurse

    Health Education has become a necessity to promote health and disease prevention measures within the society. Nurses play an important role in implementing it. Generally, nurses are seen to provide affordable treatment to their patients.

    However, community nurses play a major role in educating society on the various health issues faced by them. Their main task is to help them in leading a healthier way of life. Nurses are adequately trained to run such educational programs. They are being taught the various measures that is to be implemented in human society. These nurses are to interact directly with people to provide health education to them.

    Nurses are required to adequately assess the needs of various individuals. They are required to develop goals to empower society at a large to improve their health. They are required to develop several strategies and implement the best ones to achieve their goals. Nurses are also required to focus on various health development issues. This is then further used as guidance to enhance their individual care skills.

    Apart from this, nurses are also trained in various preventive methods. These include awarding the people through booklets or through media or by meeting them personally. For example, they may educate people about the importance of vaccinations to protect them from various infections.

    They may also take the help of local authorities to make the people aware of these issues. They may distribute necessary items to be used to protect one-self from such diseases. These nurses spend most of their time with the local population. This helps them to identify the root cause of the problems.

    They implement various strategies to help people overcome these.

    The health promotion and education services in the nursing profession are mentioned below:

    Health Promotion:

    Health issues are a very common phenomenon witnessed by every human. The main motive of implementing health promotion is to protect humans from illness. For this purpose, people are engaged in various health promotion activities. They are motivated to opt for a healthy life. Various steps are to be taken to reduce the risk of illness.

    In undergoing the activity of health promotion and preventive care, nurses play an important role. The most important area of focus i.e. public health encompasses the various health promotion issues. These nurses are often referred to as public health nurses. Their main task is to prevent various types of illnesses. For this, they involve in direct communication with people suffering from it. They play an important role in removing all the barriers to a healthy life.

    Health Education:

    People are generally educated to ensure that they take proper care to prevent diseases from harming them. This education is referred to as health education. They are being taught various safety measures that will help them in being safe from these diseases. The main motto of initiating this step is to solve the various health issues and their impact on humans. For this purpose, nurses are required to strategies their plans and implement them. Such plans are directed to take proper care of people suffering from these diseases.

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