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  • 03Jan, 2020

    Corporate Social Responsibility: A Broader Look Into The Concept!

    Corporate Social Responsibility: A Broader Look Into The Concept!

    Corporate Social Responsibility is a function when an organization deals in an ethical way with social and environmental effects. CSR defines a careful contemplation of the environment, human rights, community as well as society in which it works. The article discusses the importance and advantages of corporate social responsibility.

    Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility-

    It is critical that your organization must operate in a way that shows social responsibility. It is looked upon as a good practice to consider the environmental and social issues. Ethical practices and social responsibility are important elements of your business success. Consumers are well aware of importance of social ethics and buy products from ethical companies. It shows that you have a company and involves in social issues rather than profit.  This strategy helps to attract more customers with same values. Hence, it is a good business sense.

    Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility:

    We are discussing the advantages of CSR and why it must be adopted by your business:-

    • Improve the public image. Customers measure public image when making a decision to buy any product. If your staff volunteers a charity show even an hour shows that your brand is committed to helping others.
    • Enhance brand awareness.  If your company  is  devoted to ethical procedures, then people will get aware about the brand.
    • Cost savings. Less packaging helps in reducing the manufacturing costs.
    • Competetitor advantage. By implementing CSR, you can gain a competitive advantage over competitors. You establish your company committed to social, financial  and environmental factors.
    • Enhanced customer engagement.  Post about your efforts on social media platforms . Additionally, you must display your efforts to media outlets. Customers will get engaged with the brand.
    • Employee engagement. Ensure that the employees must  know CSR strategies. Employees love to work in an organization with a good public image. If you show that the company is committed to human rights, then you will be successful to attract more customers.
    • More benefits. There are many benefits for employees as the workplace will become more positive. So, you must design CSR strategies.

    How to improve brand perception of the customer?

    CSR is the two-way approach for both the company and consumers as they are dependent on each other. As the customers are accountable for directing the attention to supportable business practices, the large organization must focus on the needs of the consumers to increase sales.

    Our assignment help experts want you to remember a few points for improving brand perception:

    • Customer service
    • Quality of the products
    • Environmental causes
    • No corruption
    • Labor sourcing
    • Positive stories about the brand
    • Strong client privacy record
    • Strong human rights track record
    • No misleading commitment
    • Environmental-friendly packaging

    When your products will have these features, then your brand perception will get improve. If you have any doubts about any feature, then you can take the help of Online Assignment Help services.

    Why corporate social responsibility is essential for business processes?

    It is important to small-size, medium size and large scale companies. Whether it is like giving clothing to the less fortunate, or providing clean water or empowering women. We are discussing why it is important?

    1. Employees expect it:- People work in organizations that they are passionate about. They love to work if they are given the opportunity to volunteer.
    2. Make organizations more marketable:- Standing from the competition is quite challenging when the market is crowded. Thus, the promotion of social responsibility is vital for businesses that want to attract customers who have mindsets in social issues, environment, and economic growth.
    3. Consumers expect it:- Customers expect brands to offer functional advantages with a social purpose. More than 50 percent of people want to pay more for the brands offering social benefits.
    4. It attracts investors:- Investors always want to know that their funds are used properly or not. Around 90 percent of investors want to invest in companies that are contributing to society and the environment.

    The above reasons show how important social responsibility is for the business.

    Do Customers really care about Social Responsibility and ethics?

    Many customers across the world consider it a vital parameter to contribute. This is the main reason due to which they want to get associated with the companies that donate to the charities or the companies that give a certain portion of their income to the NGOs.

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