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  • 12Dec, 2019

    A Step By Step Guide On How To Write An Academic Essay

    A Step By Step Guide On How To Write An Academic Essay

    Academic essays make an enormous contribution to your university or college degree. The ability to draft a strong and impressive essay is a must-have skill for any student. However, students often lack the critical expertise required to write an impactful essay which makes the entire process quite challenging. It is important to submit your best possible essays to achieve top grades in your academic career.

    Here is a step by step guide that you can follow easily in order to produce an analytical and persuasive essay-

    • Step 1: Carefully read the instructions for the assigned essay- Before you start working on your academic essay it is crucial to understand what exactly is required of you. Read the instructions properly to interpret what the essay is about, what is its objective, is there a question you need to answer in your essay, are there any set rules you need to follow, and other questions that need to be answered before you start writing the text of your essay.
    • Step 2: Pay attention to the formatting requirements of the essay- Different universities and colleges have diverse guidelines about the appropriate way of formatting an academic essay. Make notes about the details related to line spacing, word limit, font size, page numbering, headings, etc. to ensure that your essay is acceptable according to the norms.
    • Step 3: Learn about the citation requirements for your academic essay- Universities and colleges follow different citation patterns to establish credibility and authenticity of the written content. APA, MLA, and AMA are the three major types of citation styles that an essay can follow. Make sure that you have thorough knowledge about the basic rules of these styles while mentioning sources in your essay.
    • Step 4: Consult your instructor if you've any doubts- Ask your professor or mentor to clarify the unclear directions or provide advice on how to approach the essay if you get stuck at the initial level of the essay writing help process.
    • Step 5: Choose an appropriate study area and narrow down a topic for your essay- If you're not assigned a specific topic for your academic essay you will need to pick up a study area and narrow down on a topic that interests you the most. While selecting the topic, focus on what the main point of your essay will be and decide the topic accordingly.
    • Step 6: Start researching your topic- The foremost thing to do while writing your academic essay is to find reliable and relevant sources that can stuff you up with the information for the essay. You can initiate the research process from your college or university library, reading online scholarly articles, reviewed publications etc. Look for sources that are up-to-date and well-reputed. It is advisable to opt for online websites that end with .edu, .org, or .gov as they are more genuine in nature as compared to the .com sites. Avoid using Wikipedia as a source for your essay. Depending upon the topic and objective of your essay, you can also add data from primary sources in your essay. You should always analyze the selected sources carefully to ensure their legitimacy.
    • Step 7: Start constructing your essay- Now the time has arrived to start writing your essay. Begin with constructing a clear and concise question that you want your essay to answer. This will help you to plan your essay effectively.
    • Step 8: Form an outline for the essay- Once you're through with finalizing your topic and the research procedure you can start organizing your essay. The first step is to list down the most important points that you would like to cover in your essay. This will help you to stay on the right path and stick to the original idea decided for the essay.
    • Step 9: Write the body of your essay- Yes, write the body of your academic essay before the introduction. This will help you to fully develop your thoughts and ideas in the essay and integrate better ideas in the introduction section. Body of an academic essay is the soul of the write-up as a whole. It is the main part of the essay which consists of various paragraphs that present suitable evidence in support of your answer to the formed question of the essay. Make sure that each paragraph of the body starts with a topic sentence that links the text to the main point of your essay. Provide adequate examples, evidence and analysis to justify your take in the essay.
    • Step 10: Write an introduction to your essay- It is often easier to write an introduction for your essay after the body has been developed completely. Provide a background on the topic and set the stage for the readers to know what the essay is going to talk about in the content written ahead. The introduction should support the main point of your essay, determine your approach towards it, and summarize it clearly.
    • Step 11: Present the counterarguments- Do not forget to provide a balanced point of view to your essay by addressing the strong counterarguments. This will show that you had actually researched for the topic and make your stand more compelling to the readers.
    • Step 12: Write the conclusion- Once you've written the introduction and body of your essay it is time to conclude the entire piece together with a summarizing paragraph. Summarize with the significance of key points of your essay along with the final statement in the conclusion section.
    • Step 13: Create a reference list or bibliography- Depending upon the citation style you determined in the earlier stages of writing an essay, prepare a list of all the sources you sought help from while developing your essay and add them at the end of your essay.

    After this, all that is left for you to do is polish your document to make it impressive and free of silly errors. Take some time off your essay and come back on it later to have a fresh mindset while analyzing it for errors. Read over the created draft and pay attention to the grammatical or spelling errors in the text. Check the language and tone of your essay to stay formal and objective. Proofread the edited draft and you're all set to submit a well written academic essay.

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