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  • 05Dec, 2019

    A Guide to the Australian Education System

    A Guide to the Australian Education System

    The Australian education system provides three types of education which are linked across the country and also the whole world. Those are primary, secondary and tertiary education.


    With only minor variations between the states and territories, school education is quite similar across all over Australia. School education, primary and secondary, is compulsory between the ages of six and sixteen that is year 1 to year 9 or 10.

    School education, here, is about 13 years and is divided into the following:

    1. Primary school runs for 7 or 8 years. It starts at Kindergarten through to year 6 or 7.
    2. The secondary school runs for three to four years, from years 7 to 10 or 8 to 10.
    3. The senior secondary school runs for two years, years 11 and 12.



    This education includes both higher education, which includes universities and vocational education and training (VET).




    English is the official language of Australia, and it is also the main language of instruction in the education system. There are many schools and universities which offer bilingual programs or programs in other languages.




    The AQF was made in 1995, and it's a national policy that covers all qualifications from the sector of tertiary education (higher education and VET) in addition to the school-leaving certificates, the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. The Australian education system is distinguished from many other countries all over the world by the AQF.


    Not only does AQF has 10 levels, but it also links the school, vocational and university education qualifications into one national system. This allows the students to move easily from one level of study to another, and from one institute to another, as long as they satisfy their student visa requirements. It gives some choice and flexibility in one’s career planning. All qualifications in the AQF helps the student to prepare for studies as well as their working life.


    If one is studying for an AQF qualification, one can be sure that their institution is Government-authorized and accredited nationally, and that their degree or other AQF qualification would be genuine.


    All the Australian institutions are linked across Australia and all over the world, which makes it very easy to move throughout this education system between courses or institutions and formal agreement and recognition frameworks. It means that every step of the path it will contribute to one’s future and no matter what one’s study or career goals are.

    One can study at all levels of education from primary and secondary school, to VET, from English language courses to higher education which also includes universities. Regardless of what one is studying or how long one is studying for, Australia’s laws promote quality education and protection for international students.


    The following acts provide nationally consistent standards for providers of education and training for international students:

    1. Education services for overseas students (ESOS) Act 2000
    2. Practice for Registration Authority and Provider of Education and Training to Overseas Students Act 2007 (National Code)

    If one is an international student on a student visa, then one must study with an institution and in a course, that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). CRICOS registration guarantees that this course and the institution at which one is studying meets the high standards expected by international students.

    One can search for courses and institutions on the websites of those universities as well.

    Besides the ESOS act and the National Code, there are also regulatory and quality assurance organizations for higher education and VET institutions. The organizations are responsible for registration/re-registration of institutions and accreditation/re-accreditation of courses.


    These organizations are as follows:


    So no matter the type, of course, one wants to study, how long they want to study for, or where they want to study, one can be assured that in Australia they will have a high quality and rewarding study experience.

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