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  • 24Nov, 2019

    A brief introduction to theories of US Foreign Policy and International Relations

    A brief introduction to theories of US Foreign Policy and International Relations

    Foreign policy is introduced by a nation in order to set the standards of its interaction between domestic organizations and the economy with a foreign nation. 

    An International Relation decides how the policies between the US and the foreign nations are to be maintained.

    What is the reason behind setting these policies and nation?

    None of the nations in the world can survive in an isolated manner. Hence, it is very important for any nation to maintain its interaction with the rest of the world.

    In order to do so, the government introduces a policy that guides the rules and regulations governing these relations. These policies are amended from time to time.

    How these policies benefit organizations in the US?

    The organizations in the US are set up to meet the demands of the people. However, they need to grow in order to survive. By introducing such foreign policies, domestic organizations get a chance to explore the foreign market. The benefits available to the domestic organization are stated as follows:

    • An opportunity to increase its market share of products or services.
    • An opportunity to grow its organization in terms of volume and product differentiation.
    • An opportunity to explore the overseas market.

    Similarly, with the introduction of foreign policies, a nation paves the way in allowing foreign companies to explore its domestic market. There is a lot of benefits available to the citizens of the nation. These benefits are mentioned below:

    • Growth in employment opportunities to the citizens of the nation.
    • A chance to explore a differentiation from the products already available.
    • A fair price for each of the goods available in the market.

    Thus, the foreign policies introduced by the US nation help its organization as well as its citizens to grow in various ways.

    The International Relations introduced by the US Nations has the same effect on it. Through it, the US is able to maintain a smooth relation with the rest of the world. With the introduction of such relations, the US has made it possible to conduct a smooth trade between its domestic organizations and foreign companies.

    The foreign policies introduced by the US Nation depend upon a number of factors of the state. They are designed in such a way that it helps the states in achieving their objectives.

    The state characteristic upon which the policies are dependent is stated as follows:


    The foreign policies are devised on the basis of the cultural and historical facts of the state. Every state has its own history. Depending upon its nature, a nation develops its foreign policy.

    Is it important to decide on so?

    Yes, it is very important to decide a policy upon the historical facts. The US cannot devise the same policy for every foreign nation. It has to be devised on the basis of the relation it carries with the particular state.


    Many times, foreign policies are devised on the basis of the international system. In order to conduct a smooth relation with a foreign nation, the US has to consider the characteristic of that particular nation. Thus, it is very important to keep into consideration the characteristic of a foreign nation.

    It may so happen that in dealing with a particular nation, the US has to comply with some of the conditions. If not, conducting a smooth trade would not be possible.


    The characteristic of the organization is also required to be considered while devising a foreign policy of a nation. After all, it is formulated to aid the organizations to grow.

    The government has to keep in mind the products which are available in abundance domestically. They also need to consider the products which they are required to procure from the foreign market. Hence, it is very important to consider the needs of the organization. 

    The International relation of US depends upon this foreign policy of the organizations. It is very vital to confirm that the policy devised is able to fulfill all the needs of domestic organizations.


    It is one of the most important factors need to be considered by a nation while devising its foreign policy. The foreign policies introduced by the government aid its citizens in many ways. 

    It may help the government in reducing the taxes levied upon individuals and thus helping them out financially. In case the government can also impose other indirect taxes in order to provide other facilities to its citizens such as a robust infrastructure facility.

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