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  • 14Nov, 2018

    Mistakes that can Destroy Your Assignment

    Mistakes that can Destroy Your Assignment
    When writing assignments, it is important to make sure that you pay special attention to the quality of content and to impress and impact through your persuasive words, you must avoid making silly errors. If you expect your assignment to be taken seriously, you must make sure that your writing is free of common errors or mistakes that can alter the meaning of your communication through words. Most of the mistakes made when writing assignments can be avoided by simply proofreading before submission. Here are various things to keep in mind:
    • GRAMMAR AND SPELLING: These are probably the most common mistakes that people make when writing assignments. While these mistakes usually when students by people have learnt English as a second language. Poor grammar and spelling draw readers away from the actual content of the writing. There are many online grammar and spelling checking tools that are readily available and they can help you to avoid making common and avoidable mistakes.
    • PLAGIARISM: Many writers make the unforgivable mistake of copy-pasting other people's content and passing it off as their own. This unethical practice has been widespread with many people taking credit for other's work. This practice will make you lose credibility very fast especially in this day and age when there are online tools that can check for plagiarism. If for any reason you need to use someone else's content, make sure that you cite it as a reference.
    • Lengthy contents: Another common mistake people make is writing lengthy assignments and stretching it unnecessarily. Unless you are writing a novel, do not try to write too much in one assignment. Readers are looking for specific information and they do not want to read many pages to get a simple point you are making. Readers lose interest and will usually skip it all together.
    Incorrect information

    If you are unsure about any factual information or data, you should not write it down. Using incorrect data is unprofessional and it reflects poorly on the writer. You lose credibility and the readers can feel that they cannot trust anything else you have to say. Check your facts before writing them down, and if you are not sure about anything, do not write it.

    Writing style

    Many people make the mistake of using the wrong writing style when writing assignments. It is important to make sure that you use the relevant style for your target audience. When you determine who you are writing to, you can use a style that will make your essay more interesting and easy to read, in accordance to the type of readers you are trying to inform or educate through your content.


    A topic should be interesting so that those who are interested in any subject related to your topic should read the content. After you decide the topic, the next step is to conduct an in-depth analysis or research. You should collect the maximum amount of authentic material to write in your content. There are many times students ignore the grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Avoid making all these mistakes as it reflects on the image of a writer. It does not leave an impression of a credible and reliable source on the minds of a reader.  In other words, try to write an assignment from a reader's perspective. You should provide sufficient information in the resource box so that a person can easily follow the link of the company site or contact you for the query.

    Various mistakes a student makes before starting an assignment

    Students get a lot of assignments or projects during their 2 years course. If they are successful in completing the assignments they would get a much higher academic valuation. But before that students need to follow various guidelines to make their assignment a huge success. Below are various mistakes that a student often makes while completing their assignment:

    Techniques of learning goals

    There are some students who do not pay attention in the class while the assignment is being explained to them. The teacher makes his effort and explains all the rules which are important for the assignment. This forces the students to take help from their classmates or friends later on. This is not a good solution and due to this reason, these students lag behind academically. Therefore it is vital to pay attention in the class when the teacher is explaining the various concepts related to the assignment.

    Start the assignment in time

    Some students have the habit of doing things at the last. And when the final deadline is near they feel the pressure of having to complete things on time and due to this, they cannot perform positively. Therefore, it is advisable to start the assignment as it is assigned to them by the teachers. This would help them in their planning procedure and by working in a relaxed atmosphere the students will be able to complete the assignment on time.

    Inappropriate introduction

    This is a very important part of the assignment. The introduction, body and the conclusion are all related to each other. Writing a big introduction where the rest of the body is not so significant can create a negative impact. The introduction should attract the reader with the background information so that reader can understand the main subject. The length of the introduction should be 5-10%. The key points should be described properly. It is not necessary to write the introduction in the first only; you can complete the essay and then can come back to your introduction part.

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