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  • 13Nov, 2018

    Everything you need to know about English Language features

    Everything you need to know about English Language features
    Language plays an important role in our communication process. We generally communicate in a language that is easier for us to speak and easy for others to understand it. English is one of the most common languages that are used in the world. Initially, the English was considered as a West Germanic Language. Now it is used as the first language in the majority of the countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and United States. It is declared as an official language in 60 states.

    Main features of English language
    • Receptiveness: Receptiveness is one of the important features of the English language. The words that we study in the English language has been adopted from Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and various other languages
    • Heterogeneousness: The English language is considered a mixed language as it has taken words from various other languages. The pronunciation that we used varies across different languages. For example, the word ‘tower’ in English means ‘turn’ in France.
    • Inflexion: Inflexion refers to the change in the form of the word. There are minimum numbers of inflexion in the Chinese language and a large number of inflexions in the English language.
    • Periphrases: There is a significant role of periphrases in the English language. It means saying something by using a different idea or approach. Periphrases help in making the English language varied and rich.
    • Intonation: It means a change in sound by raising or lowering the voice. It can be used to change the entire meaning of the sentence.
    Some unknown facts about the English Language
    • ‘E’ is the most commonly used letter.
    • ‘Q’ is the least commonly used letter.
    • ‘Town’ is the oldest word of the English language.
    • The dot that we put on the top of the letter I is referred as title.
    • In 1755, the first English dictionary was written.
    • ‘I’ and ‘You’ are the most common words that are used in the English conversation.
    • Each year, about 4000 new words are added to the English dictionary.
    • English is one of the languages that make people feel happy when they speak it.
    • This is no official language in the United States.
    • Good is the most commonly used adjective
    • Time is the noun that is commonly used.
    • Around 80% of the information that is available on the computer is in the English language.
    • 67 countries have declared English as their official language.
    • In 2011, the word ‘lol’ was introduced in the English dictionary.
    • The words like blushing and birthplace were introduced by Shakespeare.  
    • In every two hours, a new word is added to the English dictionary.
    English conversation is always challenging

    Many times, it has been observed that conversation in the English language is a serious challenge for the students. The reasons for explained below:
    • Limited inputs for improving your skills: Although textbooks help in making the conversation simple, it does not help in increasing your speed. The students can take the help of fluent. It makes use of interviews and dialogues to improve your conversation skills.
    • Less speaking practice: It has been observed that many students only develop listening skills and they lack speaking skills. Your conversation skills will not be developed unless you start speaking practices at your home, class or friends.
    Ways to improve your English language skills

    The English communication skills can be improved if we focus on our listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
    • Listening: Improving your listening skills is an effective way to improve your English communication skills. By listening to someone, we focus on the way they speak and try to implement it in our communication skills. The sources that can be used to improve the listening skills are music, movies, radio, news, exhibitions etc.
    • Speaking: The communication skills will not be improved unless you make some speaking efforts. There are various ways to improve your speaking skills and they can provide fun to the people. They can join voice chat groups, talk to your classmates in English etc.
    • Reading: The process of developing the reading habit may take time. But it is helpful for you in understanding the grammar, symbols and how to structure the language. Various books and articles can be used to improve the reading skills. You can start your reading journey with a small easy or comic book.
    • Writing: By developing the writing habit, it is possible for the students to know how to frame sentences. One of the effective ways to develop your writing skills is to write blogs. Many people use it to share their views and ideas on different topics and issues that are happening in the world.
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