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  • 15Dec, 2019

    7 Easy Tips for a Balanced Professional Dressing While Beating the Heat!

    7 Easy Tips for a Balanced Professional Dressing While Beating the Heat!

    Dressing professionally reflects a lot about a person. Someone who dresses properly always gets a positive response from others. But during the summer days, dressing professionally and beating the heat can be difficult. It is also true to some extent, that professional attire may seem uncomfortable in high temperatures, but with the help of some simple steps, we can overcome this situation as well. In this context, we will discuss some easy hacks which will not only help you stay cool but also enable you to put up a professional personality wherever you go.

    7 Tips for You to Stay Away from the Scorching Heat-

    It is not required to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to save yourself from heat while wearing a professional dress. Drinking a lot of water is healthy, but it’s the least that you can do. The professional dress code followed by every organization for its employees is quite similar. This is the main reason why these simple steps can be applied anywhere. 

    These are some of the easy hacks that we can follow to beat the heat while dressing professionally:-

    1. Go for linen and other light fabrics :- It has been observed that professional attires are often made of heavy fabric. Those are not suitable to wear in warm weather. To avoid this situation, you must pay extra attention to your clothes and the fabric that it is made of. Next time you purchase your professional dress, make sure that the weight and weave of the suit are not just catchy, but also appropriate to the weather conditions.
    2. During summertime, it is always preferable to go for fabrics like linen and cotton rather than denim. These are light materials and will also give you a professional look.
    3. Lighter Color ClothesAre More Suited During Hot Weather :- Colors play a major role in regulating the body heat of a person, it’s a fact. Clothes such as headscarf or ankle-skirts in light colors will help keep you cool but will also make you presentable as a professional individual in your workplace.
    4. Ditch full sleeves :- It is nowhere written that if you only wear full sleeves shirt, you will be called a ‘professional’ in an organization. Wearing half sleeves shirt in a neat and clean manner can make things easier for you in the summer season. Therefore, you can ditch full sleeves in the summer season. Dressing as per the decorum of your organization will easily let you crack the professional attire.
    5. Choose the right shoes :- Outfits and professional attires are not the only contributors I making you look a professional. Even the shoes that you are wearing matters a lot. Casual flip flops are not accepted as professional wear, rather you can try wearing a comfortable formal shoe. This will keep you cool but also help you to maintain the perfect professional look that every business enterprise expects from an individual.
    6. When in doubt, ask your senior! :- Every organization has its own separate set of rules and regulations. Some are fine with casuals, while some want their employees to stick with the professional dress codes. Therefore, the first thing you need is to get aware of the rules and regulations of your company. Ask the concerned person of your company to know about the rules that are to be followed in the firm.
    7. Straw & Felt HatsProvide Protection :- Hats are a classic and stylish choice for both men and women to protect their head and face from the sun during summer. Most of the body heat gets released by our heads. A wide-brimmed straw or felt hat does not weight much and is made in such a way that, it allows air circulation through the venting holes on the sides of the hat.
    8. Wear Clothes That Offer ProtectionIn Summer :- While it is important to look stylish and professional in the heat – be aware of the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. Wear clothes that will protect you against this ray.

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